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From the Lefthand Corner: Thanksgiving Day is every day

I can truly say, "Thank you, God, for everything." Illustration

As I sit in my comfortable rocker with my first cup of coffee, I think of a concluding quote from a layperson's sermon a few years ago. As she said, I can truly say, "Thank you, God, for everything."

This is an easy Thanksgiving column to write because I have so much to be thankful for. My first waking thoughts this morning as I lay in a warm, warm bed. I contemplated the time and whether I had to get up and "brave the elements" any time that morning.

I dressed in warm clothes and walked out to a warm living area. The almost new heating stove had a bed of coals that, with a little wood and a little encouragement, turned to the flames that I like to watch through the stove's large glass door.

It's always fun to be safely inside when the weather is cold outside, when you don't have to be anywhere else or worry about getting food or supplies. The woodbox is full and so are the refrigerator, freezer and food cupboards.

It is comforting to know and be thankful for nearby helpful family and neighbors who surround me in almost every direction. This year, I can be thankful for my younger relatives who built me a bigger, wider and safer deer stand. For that matter, I am still thankful for another duck hunt in October with friends, relatives and grandson in North Dakota.

As I sip a second cup of coffee and contemplate breakfast, I'm very thankful for reasonably good health. I'm thankful that my old body, with just a few aches and pains, still allows - albeit limited - participation in most of the things I like to do.

I'll be able to go out and get more wood or wait awhile to see if grandson comes over and does it for me. I'll probably pick up something left around the yard before it gets covered in snow. I'm thankful that when I get tired, which doesn't take long, I can walk out to get the mail and paper to read when I go into the warm house to rest and have lunch.

Now it's afternoon, and I'm thankful TV and radio are still working. I'm thankful for living in this country with freedom of speech, and freedom not to turn them on and freedom to watch or tune in anything I choose, or choose to avoid. Unfortunately, the computer, with its litany of emails, is working also. The phone is working, but is thankfully quite silent today.

I'm thankful for the vehicles sitting out in the yard that are easy to start and warm up quickly. I am further thankful that my good neighbor just acquired a six-wheel ATV that can readily plow me out when the good vehicles can't get out.

I am thankful that I got a deer this year, that I hunted. I'm further thankful that no deer successfully hunted my car as I was driving down the road, like happened last year.

Hopefully, on or about the day you read this, you'll be giving thanks as you sit down at a festive table laden with good food and encircled with close family and friends. I'm looking forward to doing just that on Thursday. I hope that at least one at your table is someone who would be alone this day otherwise.

Let us give thanks every day, all day, for the day that we have been allowed to have, and all that we are able to do.

Thank you, God, for everything.