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PR-B Family Center: 'Top shelf' people needed to meet holiday needs

"Top shelf" means the best of the best in service, in food, in goods and in people. I think of many different things as being the best in these areas. But in people I use a different ruler. Top shelf isn't the richest of the rich or smartest of the smart. Top shelf isn't the spiffy dresser or Hollywood star.

Top shelf in people are the ones who make the world worth living in. Top shelf people are the ones who make the world friendlier and safer and protect the environment. They make a difference in the world around us. They give us hope by sharing their love. They make waking up and getting out of bed worthwhile.

Top shelf people don't run around with their heads held down to avoid people or up in the air feeling better than other people. They can see the needs of their neighbors and are concerned about the future in their communities. They care about the schools and the hungry and homeless. They share their time and resources to make the community a better place to live in, and it works. We can look each other in the eyes. We can face the needs here at home. We care about families besides our own family.

The food shelf is wanting to give hungry families vouchers for turkeys and bags of groceries to celebrate Thanksgiving. They want to provide Christmas meals. Each meal costs around $25 per family. Christmas for Kids is open for families to sign up, and we need your help to fill their sacks with toys.

Call the Pine River-Backus Family Center at 218-587-4292 to see how you can help while counting your blessings.