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Letter to the Editor: Let adults make decisions

A recent letter by Alexis Bylander that responded to the letter I wrote about government staying out of our lives was a little disingenuous to say the least and surely short on full disclosure.

Ms. Bylander isn't just some casual visitor to Brainerd as claimed - she is the public affairs manager for ClearWay. ClearWay is the nonprofit that formed as the result of the tobacco settlement and has spent nearly $232 million from 1998 to year-end 2016 preaching the gospel of anti-smoking in Minnesota. I have never smoked - smoking is not my argument.

Raising the age of buying tobacco won't stop minors from drinking any more than raising the age of alcohol from 18 to 21. The point I was making is that we legally define an individual as an adult at age 18. They can vote, be sent off to war, buy a house, sign a legal contract; they can even have an abortion as adults, but some local government think they know better and they should not be treated as adults, but they should be treated like children.

This isn't about public safety or we would ban cigarettes altogether - this is about control. What is next? If you don't want to let adults make decisions then perhaps you who are adults should tell big government to start treating you as an adult and leave you to make decisions, not have government do it for you.

David Anderson,