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Letter to the Editor: Think about fears as they relate to hate

To whom it concerns; that means most of us.

The drive to fear is very high right now driving hate. Fear usually equals hate. Much hype is creating more fears and hate.

Recently, the stranger that entered a house in the Pine River area a few weeks ago created much fear and thus hate with the assumption of bad intent. Thus the fear and hate rise in the area was fierce, almost deadly.

Consider: No one knows who or why this large male entered into the house he did.

What if:

• The male was a person with low-functioning autism or other issues.

• He recently lost his home and was trying to return to his older home.

• Reasoning that his family should still be there, a mistaken home.

• No bad intent.

How would you feel if a lower-functioning person was killed simply because the fear of strangers is so high?

I have a grandson with autism. He is a large male, sweet with no bad intentions. His size might frighten anyone not knowing him. He has no/low understanding of people's reactions and fears.

The local reaction might be justified. But it is not healthy. It becomes an unsafe world for anyone different.

Please be aware, think about what fears you have, what hate you might drive. Try a more loving approach and ask before trying to kill.

Documented incident of people breaking laws to catch a person, potentially the intruder - even though no one knows who it was - could have resulted in the death of an innocent.

We pride ourselves on having Christian values, of loving everyone as Jesus did. Yet, fear and hate are not Christian values.

Thank you.

Lynn Hunt,

Pine River