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Letter to the editor: Reasons why Price was forced to resign

I watched the entire debate between Michelle Nunn and Tom Price - a debate she clearly won, but she lost the election.

We later learned that Dr. Tom Price, recently appointed director of Health and Human Services, is "subject to a criminal investigation for buying and selling $90,000 of pharmaceutical stock."

Sequel Sept. 29, 2017, New York Times: "The newspaper (Politico) said Mr. Price took at least 26 flights on private jets, including to Nashville, where his son lives, and where Mr. Price owns condominiums."

On Thursday night (Sept. 28), Politico reported that the White House approved of Mr. Price flying on United States military aircraft to travel to Europe, Asia and Africa for official events at a cost of more than $500,000. The military flights were approved by Joe Hagin, a White House deputy chief of staff.

Combined, the total cost to taxpayers for Mr. Price's flights comes to more than $1 million, according to Politico.

Bob Uppgaard,

Pequot Lakes