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As I See It: Musings

I like to start most mornings with a rather large cup of coffee, looking out the living room windows and allowing my mind to wander where it will. It has to be silent - no radio, no TV, no distractions save the birds and the rippling leaves in the trees.

In between sips of coffee, the wrinkles of life, culture, government, society and politics parade through my mind.

Older people like me often wonder how we survived our childhood. My mother drank alcohol while she was pregnant. My older sister fed me mud pies. We shared soda bottles - wiping them clean with grimy hands.

Bike helmets were unknown; so were auto seatbelts. My hockey helmet was more like a leather jockstrap than anything else. We roamed the city unsupervised. We never had a question of which public bathroom to use and home was easy - we only had one, and sometimes it was out in the back yard.

Isn't it true that political parties each has folks that are PPPO (permanently, professionally p....d off)? I would opine this is mostly applicable to the party that is primarily made up of secular progressives, but to be fair to my two critics, there are also some in other parties. They number in single digits, but they are there - if you look for them with a magnifying glass, on even days, in leap years.

We tout ourselves as a nation of laws, yet we often follow so few of them. It also appears to me that we are far too selective in enforcement.

If you drive without a license or insurance and are caught, should you be allowed to drive away? If you drive while intoxicated, shouldn't there be minimum, mandatory jail time that doubles for each repeat offense, or do we put the rest of us at risk until one of us gets maimed or killed? We read about people with five, six or seven convictions and we can only yawn?

We gotta find a rational way to deal with illegal/undocumented immigrants. We have ignored the issue for so many years that a fix is ethereal at best.

How can we deport a mother of four who has lived here for 20 years as an illegal who also by all accounts was a productive member of society? There should be a path to citizenry or permanent legal residence that benefits all concerned, while at the same time there needs to be a quick and certain exit for those who commit serious crimes.

A lesson continually relearned - a law that is not enforced should never have been written.

What happened to the middle class that functioned as the stabilizing majority and kept the fanatics on both sides in check? Could it be that the destruction of the nuclear family, with an actual father, at the behest of uber-feminists and secular progressives, ruined far more than we thought?

A number of prominent scientists have recently pointed out that the transgender issue is a hoax. You cannot genetically change one of the only two real sexes to the other. This is a mental health issue and impossible physically. I don't see or hear anyone standing up and declaring this is "proven science" like the climate change crowd. What gives?

Does anyone feel as though the entire country is living the Caine Mutiny? If you haven't read the book by Herman Wouk or seen the moving starring Humphrey Bogart and some other notables, you won't understand where I'm coming from. The plot boils down to a total parallel with our country where the captain can't handle his job and the crew decides to torpedo him instead of help him. The captain is drowning, so they throw him an anchor and then rebel.

Sure sounds like D.C. today; mutiny on our Good Ship Lollipop?

I have come to cherish silence. Every newscast on radio or TV seems to begin with "What nasty, lunatic, heartless, ludicrous thing did the president do today" story. I don't watch or listen to the news any more. But I still know enough of what's going on to survive.

Try going without the news; you'd be surprised how very peaceful it can be.

That's the way I see it.