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PR-B Family Center: Share your time to uplift others' lives

From infancy to adulthood, we are pushed to become the best person we can be. First the push is from parents-teachers-preachers, then when we "grow up" the push comes from an internal source.

And if our job was to be the best rock we can be, that would be a piece of cake. Rain or shine, we can roll left or right and remain true to our calling. Once a rock; always a rock.

There are a few more obstacles in our road as humans. We have to deal with self-discipline, working hard and reaching higher goals, all while jumping hurdles and wading through mud. But, if you stay focused and become a humble best "self," you'd still only be halfway there.

You'd be missing that whole component about "love one another." It is easy to love our kids and the lady next door who makes the best pies. But how do you love people who don't cross your path or have such burdensome lives filled with needs? What does loving them look like?

It's simply a matter of sharing the most precious commodity you have - your time. Volunteering is sharing your talents and time to uplift the lives of others. The majority of our volunteers at the Pine River-Backus Family Center are baby boomers. They can schedule a few hours each month because they have more free time.

But it is not so easy for our millennials. Between working hard to succeed and keeping up with their kids' extracurricular activities, it is hard to carve out time for anything else.

As with all the appointments in your life, you need to dedicate and schedule time to give back. We have exciting opportunities. Maybe being a board member would be great for your resume.

Stop by for a cup of joe. The coffee pot is on. Call 218-587-4292 for more information.

Kathleen Stephan is a volunteer at the Pine River-Backus Family Center who will contribute stories as the family center celebrates its 20th anniversary.