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Inspiration: Oversize Load

Traveling across Interstates 35 & 94 in the last few weeks, I have been surrounded by semi-trucks carrying any number of cargo with large, bright yellow signs declaring "Oversize Load". As if this wasn't completely obvious! There were the usual trucks carrying other trucks and cars on their way to dealerships. There were those with half of a trailer home.....followed a mile or so later by the matching half. There were trucks carrying large signature yellow and green John Deere farm equipment and those carrying other large earth movers in the traditional screaming shade of yellow.

The most interesting and surprising were the trucks that carried the grain silos, tipped horizontally, shining silver bullets, zooming at 70 miles per hour down the open road. The irony of them moving at such a speed through all the corn and soybean fields made me laugh. Their sisters and brothers, all grounded and full watched their movement from the farms nearby.

In addition to the large sign which read "Oversize Load", each truck was decorated with flashing yellow and red lights. Red flags jutted out from the cargo, waving frantically in the freeway wind. The silos, in particular, were accompanied by smaller jeeps, one leading the way, another bringing up the rear, lights flashing. They seemed so small and helpless as heralds of these large silver cylinders.

Oversize Load....I think of all the people I know who are carrying more than seems reasonable these days; friends who are dealing with illness and uncertainty. Still others who are heavy with worry over children and grandchildren. There are those who shoulder the responsibility of aging parents, difficult jobs, dwindling resources. Teenagers and young adults walking into a world that throws so much, often too much, at them at one time.

At times like this, wouldn't it be great if people were surrounded by flashing lights and signs saying "Oversize Load", be gentle and kind with me today? Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were smaller vehicles leading the way and following to protect and keep us safe from everything else on the road? Wouldn't it be helpful if those around needed to slow down a bit and become aware of all that others were carrying?

Given the fact that we can't decorate ourselves with flashing or warning signs, maybe the best I can do today is to be aware....of the eyes of those I meet, the way shoulders are rounded, the tone of voices, the energy projected....and remember that some are carrying an Oversize Load. I'll try to give enough space, perhaps even a little protection, say a prayer, be kind, generous and careful. Hopefully, being the hands, feet and voice of Christ today will make a difference.