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Inspiration: A tribute to faithful mothers

These words of tribute are derived from God’s Word, Proverbs 31:10-31. So, really, these are words of tribute from the Lord Himself, written for wives who love the Lord and their families.

I will not quote the passage here — it is quite lengthy — but I encourage you to read that portion for yourself. Beginning at verse 10 the writer posits a question: “Who can find a wife of noble character?”

This character, noble, means a woman of strength, a woman who is like a fortress within her home. The idea of joyfulness and song is included. The writer inserts the idea that this wife gets her strength and joy from the Lord and displays it in her home.

As we study on down through the passage, further thoughts of trust, safety, security and confidence emerge, and are replayed again. In verse 12, this woman of valor brings her husband “good, not harm,” and through the Hebrew we find the idea that the home is “surrounded and secured by goodness.”

Many of us husbands are so thankful for a “good woman”, who makes our home a good home. Continuing through the passage we find descriptions of her actions, 31:13-24. Her character is picked up once again at 31:25.

“She is clothed”, ornamented, adorned with dancing, singing, laughter. What a beautiful home!

What a beautiful design. It’s just like our God to design the home with such balance and beauty.

Praise the Lord if your home is filled with this rich life.

Continuing, true Biblical instruction is upon her tongue, she “watches over” the children like a guard in a watchtower on the city wall, or like a shepherd watching over the flock, protecting from predators.

How many times have our moms or wives looked intently down the drive or street, waiting for a glimpse of our kids’ return? How often did the phone call go out, “Is everything OK?” Children and husbands praise her and call her blessed, and so a woman of this caliber earns this. The author concludes with these words: “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

And we finish where we started. This woman herself leans upon the Lord Jesus, continually looking to Him for the strength and security and joy, and all of the attributes described in this passage. A word of encouragement to you husbands:

Take her hands in yours, return to the day when you spoke your vows, look her in the eye, and whatever words come from your heart, thank her for being the woman she is and that you are happy that she is yours. Or something to that effect.

And let’s also and always remember to do this, from the heart: “Lord Jesus, You are always welcome here in our home.”