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Be safe when water-skiing, tubing

Water-skiing and tubing are considered “safe sports,” but with the heavy boat traffic on the Whitefish Chain, there is a greater than ever need to be more safety conscious.

The boat traffic in the slow-no-wake zones over the busy Fourth of July week created a need for DNR enforcement and Crow Wing County sheriff’s deputies to tell folks pulling tubes through the channels to put the kids riding on the tubes in the boat and pull the tube in while moving through this very heavy traffic.

This can be considered careless operation, and puts the watercraft operators traveling behind tubers being towed through heavy traffic in violation.

MN Rule 6110.1200 Subpart 1. Regarding Navigation of Watercraft on the Waters of the State says, “No person operating a watercraft shall abruptly change its course without first determining that it can be safely done without risk of collision.”

Obviously, this cannot happen in the busy channels and the bigger watercraft would have no choice but to continue on their path and endanger any child that may have fallen off a tube.

(This column is published on behalf of the Whitefish Chain Yacht Club.)