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A good deal struck, a path forward

A recent deal between two energy companies is yet another beacon of hope for progress on the Cook Inlet energy development front.

Buccaneer Energy recently announced it would sell natural gas from local wells to Enstar for storage at the Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage facility — the first confirmed supplier for the new facility.

Its good to see these two businesses — who’s parent company is Semco Energy — doing business. The deal they reached will help secure future production and that bodes well for jobs and continued local economic stability in the future.

It will also help put Peninsula residents’ minds at ease this winter when we’ll need that gas to heat our homes. Hopefully having the source, infrastructure, storage and partnership all locally based will help keep the price at a reasonable and steady level.

We hope other companies looking to harvest the inlet’s potential look at this partnership as a way for them to do business as well. After all, it’s like they say: together, we can do more.