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Letter to the editor: Mandatory flu shot policy is wrong

Regarding the Nov. 30 story, "Essentia adds flu to mandatory vaccines; longtime Pine River doctor refuses flu shot, is let go - by Travis Grimler, Echo Journal staff writer:

I am a very healthy 94-year-old retired dentist. My March 2017 physical at Essentia Health in Crosslake stressed the importance of a flu shot. I opted not to have a flu shot for the same reasons Dr. David Laposky has highlighted.

Dr. Laposky's father was my doctor beginning in about 1973. On my first visit he asked: "Anything I should know about your health?" I replied: "Yes, fibromyalgia."

He asked: "Who made that diagnosis?" My reply: "I did." My self-help book: "Taking Control of TMJ" (1999) has "Chapter 8: Fibromyalgia."

The article by Travis Grimler, I feel, is a must read. The Laposky legacy must be allowed to continue. The new mandatory flu shot policy is wrong for many reasons.

Robert O. Uppgaard,

Pequot Lakes