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Lake Shore: Council buys land for new city hall

The Lake Shore City Council purchased a piece of land for its new city hall building at its Monday, Nov. 27, meeting.

The council met in closed session after the regular meeting to discuss the property, which is on Balsam Lane behind the current city hall. Before the closed session, council members passed a resolution allowing them to discuss and proceed with the purchase without having to go through the planning commission.

Minnesota law states that cities with comprehensive plans must have their planning commission review any land purchases beforehand. The resolution states, however, that the current land acquisition has no relationship to the city's comprehensive plan.

After the closed session, the council reconvened and bought the plot of land for $32,500.

The city's building committee worked for more than a year to gather information and estimated pricing to renovate the current city hall or build a new building. Building a new city hall at a different site previously was estimated to cost $1.2 million.

The city is looking at beginning construction on the new city hall in 2019, according to minutes from the building committee's September meeting.