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Tiger Talk: Good news for a change

I've got good news!

Have you ever heard of the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay? Each day at Pine River-Backus Elementary School, good things are happening. Students and staff are going above and beyond to help each other and our school and are just putting forth unbelievable efforts to succeed.

I get the privilege to call home once a day and share this news with one student's family using my #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay hashtag. If you are on Twitter, you know that this hashtag will link you with everyone out there doing the same thing.

So where did the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay come from?

Mark French (@PrincipalFrench), our Minnesota Elementary Principal's Association's 2015 MN Nationally Distinguished Principal, created this simple part of his day a few years ago, and he shares it with his Twitter network. I jumped on the bandwagon, and it has had such a positive impact.

How does the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay work?

Each day a staff member or myself can recommend a student for doing something "good" at school. The student comes down to my office for a positive call home. Usually the student starts the call by sharing with their parent/guardian why he/she is calling, but sometimes the student wants me do the talking.

This call is changing the way parents perceive information coming from my office. I cannot tell you the number of times a parent has breathed a sigh of relief because the principal has called for a "good" reason.

Students get their picture taken with a description of why they were nominated by a staff member. They are then given a #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay magnet to take home and put the picture up on the fridge, and their picture gets displayed in the hallway outside my door.

I have received great responses from parents about this! I even made my first-ever "staff member" #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay last month to a mother of one of my teachers. It was amazing!

If you want to check out all of the students at Pine River-Backus who have received the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay so far this year, go to my Twitter account @rickauliePRB and click on the hashtag.

I am proud to say that we have wonderful students and staff at our school. Sharing this good news each day is just one of the many privileges I get as principal at our elementary school.