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Pequot Lakes Artist of the Month - May

Hailey Deutsch

About me: I play hockey here at Pequot. Art is a relaxing part of the day for me and I get to create something interesting every day.

Future plans: My plans are to attend the University of Minnesota in Duluth and major in psychology and minor in art.

Family: I live with my family: my parents, Chuck and Bonnie; and my sister, Chloe.

How long have you enjoyed art? I have loved to draw and make art sine I was very young. I have enjoyed taking high school art here at Pequot for the past three years.

What is your favorite medium? My favorite mediums are pencil, arcylic and watercolors. One of my favorite artists is Georgia O’Keefe because of how realistic the artwork looks.

What are your goals? My main goal is to make my artwork look as realistic as possible so working with depth and shading is a must. For me, my art is a great way to escape and focus on something simple. When I was younger, I loved to draw bugs and flowers outside.

What do you enjoy about art? Art has been my indidvidual passion. My mom also enjoys art very much. To me, everything is art. Anything that is made, created or moves you is art, including film, clothing, buildings and nature. Remember, art does not reproduce what we see, It makes us see.