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PR-B MCA math proficiency increases 74.5 percent

In January, PR-B teacher Gym Scott promised his students if at least 70 percent of them could increase their Math MCA III proficiency between January and the spring test time, he would shave his head. Scott lost his hair June 2 after 74.5 percent of students increased their Math MCA II proficiency. Photo by Travis Grimler

And teacher’s hair decreases 100 percent

Pine River-Backus Elementary School students gathered June 2 in the Performance Gym to witness their teacher receiving his new summer do.

Teacher Gym Scott made a deal with elementary students that if they raised their math MCA proficiency 70 percent, he would get his head shaved. The kids pulled through and Scott followed through.

PR-B elementary students increased their proficiency 74.5 percent. During Scott’s head shaving at the hands of elementary Principal Rick Aulie, students chanted “moustache,” though Scott assured them “that wasn’t part of the deal.”