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Man faces assault charges in Breezy Point cabin incident

Donald Forrest Brown III

BREEZY POINT—A 51-year-old Circle Pines man faces assault charges following an incident at Eagles Nest cabin at Breezy Point Resort in Breezy Point.

Donald Forrest Brown III, who told authorities in his Miranda rights statement he did not come into any physical contact with the victim, was charged Nov. 22 in Crow Wing County District Court in Brainerd with felony third-degree assault and misdemeanor domestic assault.

According to the probable cause court document filed against Brown, Breezy Point police were called at 6:22 p.m. Nov. 20 to Pelican Square gas station, 30211 County Highway 4. Police were advised a woman entered the store and requested assistance after being assaulted by a man known to her. The woman stated she was at Breezy Point Resort, Eagles Nest cabin, with Brown.

She said they had an argument, during which Brown became violent and physically assaulted her, the complaint stated. The woman said Brown kicked a coffee table into her leg, pushed her up against a wall and struck her with an unknown object, causing injury to her left forearm. She said she was able to break free, locate her vehicle keys and fled the cabin to call for help.

The officer noted she had blood on her clothing, had bleeding wounds on her left forearm and wrist consistent with sharp force trauma, and bruising and superficial abrasions on her left forearm.

Officers went to the resort, located Brown and observed blood on his clothing and an abrasion and cuts on his hand and arms. The officer also observed blood on his hands and under his fingernails. There also was blood throughout the cabin, including the kitchen floor, swipes and drops on the kitchen wall, on the carpeted floor in the living room area, drops on the coffee table, several drops on a laptop computer under the television in the living room, a bloody towel in the bathroom, and a significant amount of blood on the bed sheets, the complaint stated.

The sink was full of items including broken glass, a bent steak knife with possible blood, remote controls and liquor bottles. In the trash can underneath the kitchen sink, the officer located a pair of bloody scissors, the complaint stated.

The woman was transported by ambulance for medical care and received X-rays and sutures. Her injuries were soft-tissue injuries. In speaking with an officer at the hospital, the woman identified two larger wounds as ones closed with sutures, and she couldn't explain those abrasions.

"I can't. I was up against the wall ... when he did what he did to me," the woman stated in the complaint. "I don't know what he did. Obviously, it was a hysterical situation. All of a sudden I saw blood everywhere."

In his Mirandized statement, Brown stated the woman slit her wrists. He told police he looked at her and said, "Die. I could care less if you die," the complaint stated. Brown stated he did not touch her.

Judge Erik Askegaard posted bail at $10,000 with conditions and $75,000 without conditions, and Brown posted bond Monday, according to court records. His next court appearance is 9 a.m. Dec. 13.