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Cass County EDC highlights director

I have been involved with the Cass County Economic Development Corp. (EDC), on the board of directors, for about a year now. I got involved because quality growth for our area is so important to me.

I will do whatever I can to help our communities grow. So far, my role has been getting to know the organization and how it works. I have been able to help by sharing my contacts and the relationships I have cultivated through my many years at Anderson Brothers.

I have lived in Cass County since 1998; my wife has lived here her whole life. My family calls Cass County “home” and with good, solid jobs there is no reason to leave this area. My children are looking for careers that will allow them to stay in Cass as well.

It’s important for all families that want to live and work here, as well as future generations, to provide good quality jobs.

Right now, I find being on the board is right in line with what my expectations were. I am still in a learning process, but I see the merit of the organization and the urgent sense of need since being on the board.

This organization helps fulfill the “quality of life” aspect needed in every community. Everyone needs a good job to provide for their families and the EDC helps fulfill that need.

Businesses should definitely work with an economic development organization when getting started or expanding. Working with an economic development organization “fast tracks” the information to a business. It brings them good, solid knowledge and guidance so they can make good decisions and take action.

For the future of the EDC, I am really excited about the changes we can bring about in the next five years. Each month we talk about the up-and-coming target industries. I look forward to seeing one of those unique businesses start up here in the future. It’s our job to start the process.

Others should get involved in the EDC because it will build quality jobs for the future. The Cass County EDC is a membership based, non-profit corporation. Check out the website at to see how you can get involved.