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Great Decisions presentation set Sept. 18 in Crosby

Lakes Area Unlimited Learning sponsors Great Decisions from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. every third Monday at Heartwood Senior Living in Crosby for eight monthly sessions.

On Sept. 18, several members will present Latin America's Political Pendulum with a panel on economic, political and historical foreign policy issues in Latin America. As is customary, there will be a brief DVD from the Foreign Policy Association (FPA), then discussion of the topic.

Each session, a member volunteers to organize and monitor discussion for participants who have read in-depth analysis of the topic in the eight-session FPA book acquired when joining.

Discussion is encouraged and enjoyed. Interested visitors are welcome to attend at no cost. Bring a bag lunch or purchase at Heartwood Deli.

For more information, call Bob Sandin at 218-534-5453.