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CSAH 77 road work update for week of Aug. 14

Work on County State Aid Highway 77 in Lake Shore will continue the week of Aug. 14 from Sandy Point Road about 1.5 miles north to the north cul-de-sac of Pebble Beach Road. CSAH 77 will remain closed in this area.

Construction work continues on the wetland excavation and surcharge area. The contractor began removing the blacktop shoulders and some of the mainline pavement from Sandy Point Road to Agate Lake Road.

Grading and storm sewer work will begin in this area.

The contractor was to place surcharge and grade CSAH 77 just north of the access to Pebble Beach Road with a full closure in this area to all traffic for a short period of time. The surcharge will raise the road's height three to four feet. The access to Pebble Beach Road will continue to be directly affected, along with business and resident access down to the south limits of the project.

Motorists are asked to pay attention while driving in the construction area and proceed with caution because there are utility contractors and others working along the entire corridor, along with pedestrians and bicyclists.

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