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Warroad, Minn., 4-year-old boy battling rare cancer

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Warroad, Minn. - It's something no parent wants to hear - your child has an extremely rare form of cancer.

That news was delivered to Knox's mom and dad earlier this year, and while Knox's fight is far from over, his parents are already working to help others going through the same thing.

Christy Olafson, Knox’s mom: "It obviously came out of nowhere so it was kind of a shock, but Knox has been a real trooper."

Knox Olafson is just 4 years old. It was February when a backyard accident became something more.

Christy: "He fell not a big deal, got up, complained of a sore ankle, we put ice on it and that was the end of it. He began, just a slight limp we thought it was growing pains. Waited a month, brought him in, doctor said he couldn't see anything. About another week passed and my gut just said there was more."

But nothing could prepare Christy and Jarod for what was to come.

Christy: "He's just had one dose of chemo so far and it was pretty rough."

Knox was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, A rare cancer that grows inside the bones. There are only about 400 cases in the U.S., and it's even rarer for kids.

Christy: “He has 3 consecutive weeks, two weeks off, and then another two weeks and then we'll have a major surgery and then another 17 weeks of chemo."

A year's worth of treatment that would bring pain to any parent.

Jarod Olafson, Knox’s dad: “From a father's standpoint, it's never easy to see your little man suffer like that or go through what he has to go through."

While the survival rate for osteosarcoma patients is 75%, Jarod is even more optimistic.

Jarod: "Chances are very, very high that he will be with us forever, actually chances are 100 percent because I know he's gonna beat it and I’m gonna be right there watching him beat it.”

In the midst of everything they're going through, Knox's parents are giving back, and they want you to help.

Brighter Tomorrows is an organization that helps families of children who are cancer survivors. “Dare to Be Bare" is a community head-shaving event to stand by Knox and raise money for Brighter Tomorrow.

Dare to Be Bare will be at the Warroad High School until 8 p.m. Tuesday.