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Manhattan Beach: Council disagrees over meeting minutes

Disagreement over the previous month's meeting minutes arose at the Tuesday, May 2, Manhattan Beach City Council meeting, according to unapproved draft meeting minutes.

The April 4 meeting minutes reflected that City Clerk Amy Wannebo's request for a recording device was denied. Council members Barb Hanson-Wannebo and and Marlene Yurek, however, said the request was denied for the time being and tabled until the budget meeting in August. Wannebo said her notes did not indicate tabling the issue.

Hanson-Wannebo also questioned why citizen comments from the open forum at the April meeting were included in the minutes and requested they be removed. Wannebo said all other surrounding cities include open forum comments in their minutes and refused to remove them.

Mayor Paul Allen said he checked with Fifty Lakes Deputy Clerk Ann Raph, who said that city does not include open forum comments. Wannebo, however, said she checked Fifty Lakes' website and saw that they are included. Allen replied that the council decided a long time ago not to include open forum comments in meeting minutes.

City Attorney Andrew Kalis ultimately said Wannebo must comply with the council's request to change the minutes.

The council voted 4-1 to change the minutes to say the recording device issue was tabled and to take out the open forum comments. Wannebo was opposed.

In other business May 2, the council:

• Approved a proposal to have poly patch work done on Northgate Lane to fix cracks. Allen said Anderson Brothers would complete the project and only have one lane of the road closed at a time. The council agreed to notify residents along the road and the city of Fifty Lakes by letter.

• Recommended the planning and zoning commission hold a public hearing to discuss a fee schedule ordinance change.

• Approved an interim use permit application.