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Browser column: Spring is a time for Peeps

Coconut cake garnished with "peeps". By heymrleej [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Well, friends and neighbors,

The winter reading program is fast coming to a close. Are you a procrastinator? If so, are you a speed reader?

Friday, March 31, is the final day. Bring your lists of 15 books you have read during these three months to the Pine River Public Library and receive your mug and my personal thank you for enjoying our free public library.

The end of the winter reading program marks the beginning vestiges of spring. The weather is warming somewhat, and though we may still have snow, there is hope just over the horizon for balmy weather.

It is the time of year for baby plants, baby animals and Peeps. In case you didn't know, "Peeps are marshmallow candies, sold in the United States and Canada, that are shaped into chicks, bunnies and other animals. There are also different shapes used for various holidays." (Wikipedia)

It's entirely possible that you assumed I'd write some tome about the meaning of Easter. Not so this year. Peeps epitomizes the season for me. You are, perhaps, more of a chocolate bunny person, or maybe a Cadbury egg fan. The stores are full of these treats. Buy them, hide them, find them, eat them. What an interesting tradition!

I am a purist. I insist on yellow, sugar-dipped marshmallow chickens. Those are real Peeps. All others are imposters. This year there is a flavor they call "surprise." I don't want to be surprised by my Peeps. I like them just the way they are.

Better still, the older they get, the more tasty. Keep them until the Fourth of July. The outside becomes crunchy, while the inside is tantalizingly chewy.

Spring! A time for Peeps.

I remain, my sugar-coated little friends,

Browser, the library cat