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Crosslake: Council discusses road projects, pothole filling

Theresa Bourke/Echo Journal St. Patrick's Day Committee Chair Laura Stromberg (left) and Crosslake Chamebr Director Cindy Myogeto (right) presented Public Works Director Ted Strand, this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade grand marshal, with a commemorative plaque at the city council meeting Monday, March 13.

Road maintenance monopolized much of the discussion at the Crosslake City Council meeting Monday, March 13.

Public Works Director Ted Strand informed the council of possible issues with two roads that are scheduled for repaving this year. East Shore Road and Daggett Bay Road were recently discovered to each have a manhole with a stub for future sewer uses.

"Before we go down the path of repaving (these roads), I just thought it was best we look at the potential of how many people we could pick up with sewer," Strand told the council.

Pending the council's decision, Strand said these roads could be surveyed to figure out to what extent gravity sanitary sewer may be extended from the existing sewer stubs. The other options were to repave the roads anyway and ignore the sewer stubs or to simply remove them from this year's project list and look at them again next year.

The council's main question was why this issue did not come up sooner.

"What else are we overlooking?" council member Dave Nevin asked.

The others echoed Nevin's concerns, with council member Brad Nelson saying he couldn't believe they had waited until now to talk about this, and council member Gary Heacox adding that the engineers were irresponsible in waiting this long to bring up the issue.

Mayor Patty Norgaard said she would like more information on how the sewer stubs affect the road and the projects.

Strand's recommendation was to pull Daggett Bay and East Shore roads from this year's agenda so the rest of the project can go out for bidding as soon as possible.

The council ultimately did as Strand suggested and voted to hold off on the two roads until next year and to authorize the public works department to advertise for bids whenever it is ready.

Nevin encouraged Strand to go out for bids as soon as possible, as engineering rates are low right now.

Strand then asked the council to consider buying an asphalt recycler for road patching. He said he had not planned to buy the unit this year, but a new, small demo model came out recently for $38,000. The retail price is about $48,000.

The machine recycles old asphalt so it can be used as a hot patch for cracks and potholes in roads.

"When we go do patches in the summertime, even to get hot mix, by the time we get back here, it's cold," Strand said. "This would give us the ability to put more of a permanent patch in. Cold patch is more of a Band-Aid."

Although the demo unit is temporarily selling at a low price, the council was still concerned about how much of the year's $50,000 crack sealing budget it would take up.

Strand said the public works department would have to reduce how much crack sealing it did this year, though he admitted that isn't necessarily a good idea.

Nevin asked if the unit was necessary right now since the city will have four roads redone this year. Strand said there would still be plenty of use for the asphalt recycler, as many other roads are older and in need of treatment.

Nelson agreed the unit is necessary but didn't think it was worth wiping out most of the crack sealing budget this year. The council ultimately decided not to purchase the unit and to wait until the 2018 budget year. Strand said he was OK with that decision.

Council member Dave Schrupp was not present.

In other business Monday, the council:

• Appointed Roger Roy to fill a vacancy on the Economic Development Authority until Jan. 31, 2018, and appointed Bill Schiltz and Jan Pierce as alternates to the planning and zoning commission.

• Scheduled a special meeting to discuss the city's recent audits. The meeting will be at 6 p.m. Monday, April 10, before the regular city council meeting.

• Heard an update on the planning for Saturday's St. Patrick's Day Parade from Chamber Director Cindy Myogeto and St. Patrick's Day Committee Chair Laura Stromberg, who presented Strand, this year's parade grand marshal, with a commemorative plaque.

• Discussed a previously proposed plan to extend the shoulder on Anchor Point Road because of narrow roadway. After having been given two options for the project, the council voted to stop the extended shoulder short of the narrow roadway area and reconstruct only the road section for the remainder of the project to Ginseng Patch Road.

• Tabled the issue of retired city employees being able to participate in the employee wellness program at the community center until Schrupp, who is on the wellness personnel committee, is present.

• Heard the 28th annual Tour of Lakes Bicycle Ride will take place Saturday, June 3, and begin in Crosslake.

In February, the Crosslake Police Department responded to 180 incidents, including one theft, one crash and three animal complaints.

In Mission Township, police responded to 33 incidents, including one crash and three traffic citations.