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Fifty Lakes: Council discusses audit report, increases COLA

The Fifty Lakes City Council discussed its recent audit report with city auditor Darrin Ogdahl at its Tuesday, Feb. 21, meeting, according to unapproved draft meeting minutes.

Ogdahl explained the expense of the city hall/liquor store building loan and the requirement that the bar's portion of this loan be paid back to the general fund. He said if the council wants to use general funds to pay for capital improvements for municipal liquor store operations, there must be a public hearing on the issue.

This hearing needs to give the public an opportunity to comment on the issue and could be held in conjunction with a regular council meeting as long as it is publicized beforehand.

The council then discussed the options of holding a public hearing or setting up a payment plan for the bar to pay the general fund. Council members reached the decision to conduct a survey of all taxpayers and set up a public hearing this summer when more residents are available to attend.

In other business Feb. 21, the council:

• Approved a cost-of-living adjustment increase of 1.5 percent for city employees based on the 2016 Consumer Price Index of 1.8 percent.

• Accepted a $2,895.80 grant from the Initiative Foundation to fund the GoNorth project.

• Approved up to six fire and rescue members to attend the Long Hot Summer Conference on March 3 and 4, with costs to include conference, lodging and mileage.

• Rescinded the employee discount program for the municipal liquor store, effective immediately.

• Voted to advertise for a new liquor manager and post the job description and reporting structure for the manager to liaisons.

• Voted to join Emily for the City Wide Clean Up Day, with costs not to exceed $1,500.

• Appointed the following people to the Fifty Lakes Day Committee: Ann Raph, chair; Teri Potz; Diana Weinmann; Cheryl Drexler; Ronda Veit; Deb Shetka; and the future bar manager.

• Decided not to send City Clerk Karen Stern to the Minnesota Clerks and Finance Officers Association Conference because of lack of interesting and informative class topics.