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Mission Fire Department buys life-saving equipment

Included in Photo (Left to right): Josh Foote, Rex Roach, Zach Weberg, Branden Cluever, Eric Anderley, Chief Randy Roach, Aric Larson, Jill Allord, Glen Young, Chad Allord, Tim Yeager, Assistant Chief Jim Roach. Submitted Photo

The Mission Fire Department recently bought a new piece of life-saving equipment.

Through donations from community groups and a substantial grant from the Essentia Health St. Joseph Foundation, the department was able to buy a LUCAS 2 CPR device.

This device assists responders in providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation that human strength would be incapable of achieving. This machine provides the highest quality chest compressions to patients in cardiac arrest.

The LUCAS 2 CPR device does not tire or become fatigued like a responder would. This device also allows for minimal interruptions in chest compression, which has been proven to increase the chances of survival in cardiac arrest patients.