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Renegade Chef: Ticking down to Super Sunday

It goes without saying — Sunday is a very special day.

Millions of households across the continent — mine included — will spend the day preparing for the big event that takes place that evening. It is an event that some folks consider to be the “greatest show on earth.”

For the next few days we’ll prepare and plan. How many people will come to the party? What’s the weather going to be like? Will Uncle Phil like the dip? Will the dip like Uncle Phil? I know I don’t.

It’s time to make a list of the important things we’ll need — you know, things like cocktail weenies, chicken wings, riblets and meatballs. Other standards include cheese and cold-cut platters, chips and dip, veggie trays, cracker assortments, relish trays, mixed nuts, pretzels, finger sandwiches, chili and — oh, yes — beer. Please do not forget the beer — lots and lots of beer.

Not enough, you might ask? OK, let’s bring in some smoked fish, pickled herring, oysters on the half-shell and shrimp-stuffed lettuce boats. How about some liver pate and Melba toast?

Or maybe a nice batch of tangy deviled eggs or even some of those big dill pickles stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in thin-sliced corned beef.

Did I mention beer? Remember, we need lots and lots of beer — preferably American beer — to go along with our national pastime.

Soon it will be here. After all the anticipation, pent-up excitement and hype, the big clock ticking loudly on the television screen will signal for the festivities to finally begin. It will be time for the drama to play out on the big screen, complete with questionable calls, heated controversy and a billion commercials. It will be time to put out the celebratory buffet, gather in the loved ones and sit down for yet another fabulous episode of “60 Minutes.”