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Gettin' zany with zucchini

Miss Pine River Second Princess Candice Zaczkowski crowns Bonnie Mills as the 2014 ZuQueenie while 2014 Miss PIne River Danielle Butcher crowns Warren Case the Duke of Zuke. Photo by Travis Grimler.1 / 4
Shirley Hovey tries her hand at the first ever competetive Zucchini peeling contest at Pine River's Zany Zucchini Street Festival. Photo by Travis Grimler.2 / 4
Damon Billington of Pequot Lakes watches his Zucchini launching trebuchet in action as it hurls a zuke 103 feet. Billington was beaten at the "Zucchini Zinging" contest by Brandon Horton who launched his zuke 251 feet with a sling shot cannon. Photo by Travis Grimler.3 / 4
Miss Pine River Second Princess Candice Zaczkowski and First Princess/Miss Congeniality Shannon Osier lead the first Zany Zucchini Street Festival Parade with Miss Pine River Danielle Butcher just behind them. Photo by Travis Grimler.4 / 4

The first-ever Pine River Zany Zucchini Street Festival gave new life to an abundant vegetable with a bland reputation.

Events ranged from a zucchini cook-off to "Frog Hop" races and a street dance. For those with ingenuity, there was even a "Zucchini Zinging" event, where teams competed with homemade tools to launch zucchinis long distances. Brandon Horton of Pine River took home the prize at the zinging event for hurling a zuke 251 feet with his slingshot cannon.

Pine River Police Reserve Officer Franciscka Ellestad won first place at the frog hop competition, first place at the zucchini peeling competition with five pounds of peels and third place at the longest peel competition. Shirley Hovey of Pine River won longest peel.

Bonnie Mills of Pine River was named the festival's first Zukequeenie, while Warren Case of Breezy Point was anointed the first Duke of Zuke.

The "Golden Zucchini" was found on Saturday, July 26 by Karen Grimes and Brian Yunker of Pine River. During the Zucchini cook-off, Best Dessert was awarded to Sherri Fitch for her Zucchini Cake. Barb Pulco and Elouise Givings were awarded with best cassarole for their zucchini corn casserole. Judy Irons won best bread.