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3 things for better health

Make fruit or veggies more appealing as part of the Thanksgiving Day meal by being creative and creating a turkey shape using the fruit or vegetables variety and color. Have fun and be creative to add to a festive table. Renee Richardson / Brainerd Dispatch

Need to be motivated to start the week off on a healthy note? Just try one or more of three things to start on the right path.

1. Try this simple exercise for stronger legs. Stand straight with legs slightly apart and keep upper body straight. Then lift and extend one leg out slightly and slowly trace a circle in the air with your foot. Repeat with the other leg.

2. Make a deal just one day this week. Match how much television time you get by how much time you spend being active. Then think about extending that deal to an additional day. So get up and walk during work breaks. Exercise while watching TV. Could this make a difference in how being active fits into the daily schedule when there is a goal attached? And here's an exercise to try while watching TV or during a commercial break from the Mayo Clinic.

Lay flat on the floor with arms to the side. Bend one leg up so the heel of the foot is close to your body. Extend the other leg to the ceiling with a flexed foot. Lift hips up in a bridge move (raising bottom off the ground and keeping shoulders on the floor.) Keep the spine stable. Hold each lift for five to 10 seconds. Do six lifts on each side for three sets.

3. Have a healthy Thanksgiving with a few safety tips on how to prepare turkey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at and add to the color on the table and make veggies or fruit even more appealing in a creative way by displaying them—using their color and variety—to create a turkey shape. Also if you love mashed potatoes, consider using mashed cauliflower for a portion of the serving to cut down on carbs. Mashed cauliflower is available in a ready to heat and eat option in grocery stores. If the mashed potato recipe is a family favorite, consider offering the mashed cauliflower as an option or as way to add veggies to dinners in the weeks ahead.

For more tips from the weekly Three Things list, check out the Monday Motivator page each week in the Dispatch or e-edition, or go to and go to lifestyle to reach the drop-down menu for health or search using the keyword Monday Motivator or three things. And have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving.

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