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Piping hot baked beans unearthed

Paul Bunyan's beans, served in Pequot Lakes, are a favorite of people of all ages. Photo by Travis Grimler1 / 4
Over 1,000 cups of beans were served to the public at the 77th annual Bean Hole Days.Photo by Joe Fraser2 / 4
The Bean Hole Days pit crew raises Baby Olga, the first of 6 pots of beans from their underground cooking pit. Photo by Joe Fraser3 / 4
5 year old Grace Doois and her grandmother take part in the water balloon fights at the 77th annual Bean Hole Days. Doois is getting drenched by an incoming water balloon after taunting their opponent.Photo by Joe Fraser4 / 4

Thor, Big Bertha, Ole, Sven, Lena and Baby Olga - all cast iron kettles holding piping hot baked beans - were unburied from their overnight cooking on Wednesday, July 15, for the 77th annual Bean Hole Day celebration in Pequot Lakes.

The unearthing of the beans was accompanied by crowning the King and Queen Bean, which went to Don and Barb Merritt, owners of Merritt Jewelers in Pequot Lakes. The Merritts are generous community members who constantly work to better the city of Pequot Lakes and the surrounding lakes area.

For the first time, this year featured a youth Prince and Princess Jelly Bean, which were drawn into the brother-sister combination of Mick, 11, and Laine, 2, Hannan. Those who waited in line for a free bowl of beans also received a tiny pack of jelly beans this year.

Games and free food were offered to the 1,000-plus attendees at Trailside Park in Pequot Lakes. The line was wrapped around and extended far down the Paul Bunyan Trail in anticipation of the world famous beans.