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Patriots' Lane, Tappe chosen MVPs at meet

Vanessa Lane won three events and Tyler Tappe won two events as the Pequot Lakes girls were third and the boys finished fifth at the Detroit Lakes Invitational on Thursday, May 2. Lane and Tappe were chosen male and female most valuable athletes for their efforts.

Lane won the 100-, 200-, and 400-meter dashes as the Patriots finished with 101 points. Detroit Lakes was first with 178 while Bemidji was second with 115.33. The Patriots 4x100 girls’ relay also triumphed while the 4x200 relay was second.

“This meet is a nice opportunity to get all of our kids in events and it is nice to compete against Class AA schools and do well,” said Pequot Lakes coach Brian Kazmierczak. “Vanessa (Lane) ran so well, and continues to look as strong as ever. Chloe (Bermel) and Abby (Palmer) ran well in the relays, too.

“We are starting to see some younger athletes really blossoming into some top positions on the varsity team. Grace McGuire ran strong, and Kiersten Olson, Sam Littman and Madi McMonigal are all starting to provide us some depth in the running events.”

Kazmierczak said the Patriots’ distance runners are also showing improvement. “They have been competing with each other all year, and now they are learning how to push themselves,” he said. “Our field events are growing. Ellie (Erholtz) has thrown better this season, but continues her great year. Deb Mitchell improved by three feet in this meet. Abby (Palmer) and Vanessa (Lane) continue to jump well and Chloe (Bermel) and Ashley (Abear) continue to get personal records in the pole vault.”

In boys’ competition, Tappe won the 200 dash and pole vault while teammate Travis Jacobsen won the shot put, Michael Ryan paced the 3,200 run, and the 4x800 relay of Eric Olson, Dalton Engholm, Nathan McDonald, Sean Murray triumphed.

“The kids had some good competition with the bigger schools like Moorhead, Bemidji and Fergus Falls,” said Pequot Lakes coach Dave Guenther. “Plus there were some schools that we normally do not get a chance to compete against.

“When you run against higher level competitors, you tend to run harder, jump father, and it just seems to get the adrenaline going more. The meet helps us get ready for some big meets in the next couple of weeks.”

Guenther talked about admirable individual efforts from his athletes.

“Our throwers are dong a nice job with Travis (Jacobson) and Keegan (Johnson) turning in good throws,” he said. “Our sprinters are showing some real development, which of course will get our relays teams up there too. Our veteran crew of long distance guys like Sean Murray, Mike Ryan and Nate McDonald had a good night, too. Overall, considering the cold weather, I was happy with the kids’ performances.”

Pequot Lakes was scheduled to compete at the Section 8AA True Team meet at Detroit Lakes on Tuesday, May 7. The Patriots then travel to Blake on Thursday, May 9.

Boys team scores: 1-Detroit Lakes 147.5, 2-Moorhead 112, 3-Fergus Falls 85, 4-Bemidji 79, 5-Pequot Lakes 72.50, 6-Frazee 52, 7-Thief River Falls 9

110 hurdles: 8-Kale Wurdman 19.37; 11-Chase Blaeser 21.11; 15-Alex Tangen 22.59

300 hurdles: 8-Wurdman 47.2; 12-Blaeser 53.18; 13-Levi Palmer 56.88

100 dash: 6-Isaac Allen 12.33; 10-Kyle Hoffman 12.65; 11-Cole Funk 12.66; 13-John Craig 12.82; 25-Dustin Northernschold 13.38; 32-Trevor Schultz 13.92

200 dash: 1-Tyler Tappe 23.80; 9-CJ Borleis 26.46; 17-Northernschold 27.73; 20-Schultz 29.31; 21-Hunter Goerges 29.36

400 dash: 7-Tangen 58.14; 10-Borleis 1:00.71

800 run: 13-Sean Murray 2:22.61; 16-Anthony Fitzer 2:29.65; 17-Daulton Engholm 2:29.92; 25-Jacob Tschida 2:36.12

1600 run: 5-Michael Ryan 4:54.95; 9-Eric Olson 5:25.15; 10-Palmer 5:33.96

3,200 run: 1-Ryan 10:31.05; 8-Nate McDonald 11:37.59

4x100 relay: 2-Pequot Lakes (Funk, Allen, Chis Haman, Tappe) 47.10

4x200 relay: 6-Pequot Lakes (Tangen, Borleis, Johnny Craig, Funk) 1:44.93

4x400 relay: 6-Pequot Lakes (Dillon Nichols, Chris Haman, Ryan, Wurdeman) 3:56.5

4x800 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes A (Eric Olson, Dalton Engholm, Nathan McDonald, Sean Murray) 9:34.19; 6-Pequot Lakes B (Carl Brine-Doyle, Marty Fitzer, Tony Fitzer, Jacob Tschida) 3:56.5

Shot put: 1-Travis Jacobsen 48-0.5; 8-Keegan Johnson 40-10.5; 9-Chris Westman 39-6.75; 29-Jon Bocklund 32-5.5; 41-Grant Moe 23-1

Discus: 6-Johnson 109-03; 18-Jacobson 92-7.5; 24-Moe 81-2; 31-Westman 72-3.5

Long jump: 18-Blaeser 15-9.25; 22-Goerges 15-4.75

Triple jump: 9-Georges 32-7.5; 12-Palmer 31-11

High jump: 6-Funk 5-4; 8-Allen 5-4; 11-Goerges 5-2; 19-Wurdman 5-0

Pole vault: 1-Tappe 14-0, John Craig 11-0

Girls team scores: 1-Detroit Lakes 178 2-Bemidji 115.33, 3-Pequot Lakes 101; 4-Fergus Falls 77.33; 5-Moorhead 69, 6-Frazee 9; 7-Thief River Falls 8.33

100 hurdles: 10-Ashley Kosloski 19.83; 13-Brittny Bzdok 20.38; 14-Colleen Tschida 20.53; 17-Karli Skog 22.37

300 hurdles: 4-Bzdok 54.82; 10-Tschida 58.27; 13-Kosloski 1:00.72

100 dash: 1-Vanessa Lane (PL) 13.20, 3-Rachel Allen 13.88; 16-Candyce Spielman 14.72; 16-Kiersten Olson 14.74; 31-Josie Nistler 15.86

200 dash: 1-Lane 27.14; 10-Grace McGuire 29.48; 11-Sarah Rudlang 29.73; 13-Olson 30.53; 21-Spielman 31.95

400 dash: 1-Lane 1:01.64, 4-Chloe Bermel 1:03.55; 10-Madi McMonigal 1:08.62; 11-Corina Ruud 1:09.40

800 run: 14-Madison Rupp 2:59.38; 15-Macy Doty 3:00.35; 16-Jannah Hall 3:01.31

1600 run: 3-Catie Ryan 5:53.14; 7-Elsa Headlee 6:13.68; 12-Alyssa Young 6:24.91

3200 run: 4-Jackie Brine-Doyle 12:44.50

4x100 relay: 1-Pequot Lakes A (Allen, Bermel, Palmer, Bzdok) 53.55; 13-Pequot Lakes B (Ashley Kolowski, Tschida, Addie McGuire, Mikayla Florey) 1:01.84

4x200 relay: 2-Pequot Lakes A (McGuire, Allen, Bermel, Palmer) 1:57.27; 7-Pequot Lakes B (Ruud, Samantha Littman, Karli Skog, McMonigal) 2:04.64

4x400 relay: 2-Pequot Lakes A (McGuire, Rudlang, Corina, Kiersten Olson) 4:32.77; 5-Pequot Lakes B (McMonigal, Sam Littman, Ryan, Dotty) 4:54.48

4x800 relay: 4-Pequot Lakes A (Headlee, Jana Hall, Brine-Doyle, Ryan) 11:14.10; 5-Pequot Lakes B (Hoffman, Madi Rupp, Dotty, Young) 11:46.37

Shot put: 8-Ellie Erholtz 30-10.5; 14-Deb Mitchell 26-3.75; 21-Renee Anick 23-9.75; 30-Malecha 21-6.5

Discus: 9-Erholtz 74-2.5; 19-Brianna Anick 65-2.5; 21- Dotty 62-9; 25-Deb Mitchell 59-10; 28-Katie Cassanova 55-9; 31-Christina Jensen 51-5.5

Long jump: 4-Lane 15-9, 6-Palmer 15-6.5; 14-Josie Nistler 13-7; 16-Rudlang 13-7; 21-Tschida 12-11.5

Triple jump: 5-Palmer 32-5; 8-Josie Nistler 30-2.5; 14-McGuire 27-10; 24-McMonigal 25-0

High jump: 9-Ruud 4-8; 12-Littman 4-6

Pole vault: 3-Bermel 7-0; 4-Ashley Abear 6-6; 8-Anick 6-0