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Alexis Lueck crowned Miss Pequot Lakes, Miss Congeniality 2017

Patriots at big meet

The Pequot Lakes girls finished second while the boys were fourth at the Eveleth-Gilbert cross country meet on Thursday, Sept. 13.

International Falls was the 10-team girls’ champion with 57 points while the Patriots were second with 87. Savannah Stone paced the Patriots by finishing 15th while teammate Caitie Ryan was 16th.

Proctor was first in the 14-team boys’ field with 99, followed by Virginia 104, Duluth Marshall 113 and Pequot Lakes 122. Mike Ryan was fifth for the Patriots while teammate Nathan McDonald was 24th.

“Our girls ran very well,” said Pequot Lakes coach Jon Dale. “Their times were good for the only second meet of the year. Our boys also ran well, especially Mike Ryan, who finished fifth out of 160 runners.”

Pequot Lakes was scheduled to compete at Bagley-Fosston on Tuesday, Sept. 18, and then run at the Pillager Invitational on Thursday, Sept. 20, at Madden’s Resort.


Team scores: 1-Proctor 99, 2-Virginia 104, 3-Duluth Marshall 113, 4-Pequot Lakes 122, 5-International Falls 148, 6-Cook County 166, 7-Eveleth-Gilbert 168, 8-Ely 174, 9-Mesabi East 212, 10-Southridge 257

Individual winner: Matt Welch (Proctor) 19:30

Pequot Lakes results: 5-Mike Ryan 21:56; 24-Nathan McDonald 23:36; 26-Reid Pierzinski 23:39; 35-Daulton Engholm 24:08; 36-Tony Fitzer 24:09; 27-Karl Brine-Doyle 24:11; 39-Peter Kostecka 24:15; 61-Seth Golden 25:12; 62-Jacob Tschida 25:14; 63-Connor Dale 25:14; 68-Sean Murray 25:26; 72-RJ Maxfeld 25:31; 77-Christian Collins 25:48; 81-Austin Anderson 26:08; 85-Levi Palmer 26:22; 95-Noah Kronstedt 26:43; 101-Marty Fitzer 27:28; 102-Nick Liefeld 27:33; 123-Phil Huss 28:56; 127-Sam Wallace 29:09; 128-Shawn Gerdes 29:10; 134-Grant Moe 29:31; 139-Josh Buell 29.50; 155-Brady Derksen 31:50; 159-Matt Hansen 33:21


Team scores: 1-International Falls 57, 2-Pequot Lakes 87, 3-Southridge 94, 4-Cook County 101, 5-Ely 153, 6-Eveleth-Gilbert 158, 7-Mesabi East 160, 8-Duluth Marshall 167, 9-Carlton 196, 10-Virginia 206

Individual winner: Ann Kleinschmidt (Duluth Marshall) 15:40

Pequot Lakes results: 15-Savannah Stone 17:24; 16-Caitie Ryan 17:27; 19-Elsa Headlee 17:47; 20-Jackie Brine-Doyle 17:51; 28-Leric Larson 18:08; 35-Vanessa Lane 18:43; 44-Abby Mumm 19:36; 51-Alyssa Young 19:50; 54-Sarah Rudlang 20:11; 58-Jessica Faacks 20:19; 59-Lindsey Johnson 20:24; 61-Macy Doty 20:31; 62-Cheyenne Syvertson 20:39; 69-Josie Nistler 21:15