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Man-made global warming nonsense

Man-made global

warming nonsense

The past few years I have been criticized by some who believe a major catastrophic event will happen because of human causes.

The earth is going through a temperature change that has occurred naturally many times over the past millions of years. The difference today is there are many organizations receiving large research grants for the environmental studies. Each organization has to state “gloom and doom” to keep the study grants going.

Al Gore once stated if we don’t stop releasing carbon dioxide by the year 2013 all the ice on the North Cap will be melted and New York will be 10 feet under water. He was in the business of peddling carbon credits and about to make millions of dollars.

Fortunately Congress did not pass cap and trade and by 2013 the North Cap was covered with ice and shipping lanes were closed with some ships marooned in the ice.

Some environmental scientists changed the subject to “the South Pole is melting.” A Russian team went to the South Pole to measure global warming.

Guess what? The Russian ship got marooned in record ice and the lowest temperature ever recorded. Both the Chinese and U.S. ships helped to release the Russian ship.

I believe the environmental scientists should define the ground rules like where temperatures should be monitored and the scientist’s temperature projections. The U.S. Weather Bureau should be given the official responsibilities to record and report the temperatures.

Allowing the university environmental groups to report actual temperatures is like the “fox watching the chickens.” The fox, today, stands to make much money getting state and federal grants!

Have you examined the rise in beef costs since corn was dedicated to making subsidized ethanol?

Robert Olson,

Ideal Township