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More on equality in society

More on equality in society

With the recent letter to the editor in this paper we can now begin to see the apparent goal of A. Martin from Merrifield with the letter about equality in society.

A. Martin asks if someone is 331 times better than another person. It seems A. Martin believes that everyone is equal in talents and capabilities and, thus, it is not fair that one person earns more than another.

Welcome to the real world where life is not always fair.

Should we pay Christian Ponder the same as Peyton Manning simply to make it fair? Take a closer look at the animal kingdom you refer to and you will see the less capable animals and species ultimately do not survive.

If I work 60 hours a week and my results mean more to society than a person working 40 hours a week, I would expect to be compensated more.

While I do not subscribe to forgetting about those in true need I am wise enough to know your utopian world does not exist here on earth.

The mantra from A. Martin is that of socialism “from everyone according to their ability, to everyone according to their need.” This is the same song and dance we hear from Obama when he speaks of fairness. We need to keep our freedom to succeed or even fail.

If A. Martin is so sure that socialism is the way to go then I would recommend to try living in one of the socialist countries rather than trying to advocate for the destruction of a highly successful society that has made America the shining light on the hill that people strive to come to and seek their own dream of success.

Dale Probasco,


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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