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Look out Nisswa, here comes the park

Look out Nisswa,

here comes the park

The Nisswa tunnel cost $847,500. MnDOT paid $309,445 and Nisswa paid $538,055. Nisswa took out a transportation loan for its portion of the tunnel at 1 percent interest for 20 years, which amounts to a yearly payment of $29,000 out of our general fund.

In addition to the $29,000, the city also must pay $56,000 per year to the transportation loan fund for the rest of the construction costs other than the tunnel. That totals $85,000 a year for the next 20 years.

With the tunnel complete, the Friends of Nisswa Lake Park will be looking for $500,000 to build the park. If they can raise it on their own, more power to them. At last month’s Nisswa council meeting a member of the audience asked the mayor what he thought of the resolution passed by a previous council that stated “no public funds will be spent on purchase or development of the Nisswa Lake Park project.”

The mayor’s response was that the current council is not bound by the action of a previous council. This is not true, of course. They can take action to change it but they can’t ignore it. To do so would be a misuse of city funds.

A previous council did vote to spend $37,500 out of dedicated park funds toward this project, but between acquisitions costs of $27,000, feasibility funds of $4,200 and planning costs of $5,130, this totals $36,330 leaving only a balance of $1,170 to be used.

It’s up to all of us to keep an eye on the council so we don’t end up paying for this park, too, or we can become part of the council in November. The mayor’s job, plus three council people, is open.

Joe Lanz,


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