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A special thank you to the following people who helped me out last Wednesday when my vehicle rolled over.

• First and foremost to Bill Makowski, who saw the whole thing happen, and who helped me out of the vehicle, stayed with me the whole time and made sure I got home safely. I never realized how good a hug could feel at a time like that.


Thanks so much, Bill. I would like everyone to know, if they ever want a good cup of coffee, stop in at Sarah and Bill’s Latte Da Coffee Shop in Pequot Lakes

• To the gentleman who lives on Bebeau Street, who, along with Bill, helped me out of my vehicle and went back into my truck to get my personal belongings.

• To Jenny, Sue, Todd and Nicole from American National Bank in Pequot, who went over and above the call of duty to take care of a transaction I needed done that day.

• To Kay Johnson owner of MPI: Make sure you cross off “reliable” on my resume.

• To Tammy Bargy (Gravdahl), who I know is my guardian angel.

Thank you all very much.

Pam Morrison,

Pequot Lakes