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Far left talking points

In the letter to the editor, A. Martin from Merrifield continues to spout the lies and talking points from the far left, which wants us all to believe that Republicans, the Tea Party and conservatives want the less fortunate to go hungry.

The letter is full of Bible quotes and calls people like Rick Warren, the pope, etc. charlatans. Oh, that we should all be as holy and unblemished as A. Martin.

Perhaps A. Martin should educate himself on the facts. A record 47.7 million Americans are enrolled in this program, which is up 28.2 million from 2008 when the liberal policies began. That means 15 percent of the country is receiving this benefit, which is nearly twice the rate in 1975, when the country had high inflation, a recession and an oil crisis.

Of course, in 1975, we had another liberal contingent running the country.

All told the country spent a record $79.9 billion on the food stamp program in 2013 compared to $37.5 billion in 2008. Remember, the liberals have told us the recession is over because of their policies, yet the number of food stamp recipients keeps going up every year.

Republicans, the Tea Party and conservatives believe it is better to find work for people so they can return to the dignity of providing for their families versus being dependent on the benevolence of the liberals and the government.

Finally, A. Martin should read another passage in the Bible just a few verses above those quoted. Matthew 7 verses 1-6 addresses the issue of judging people. They must have read right over those passages in their haste to find verses to condemn others.

Dale Probasco.


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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