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Free breakfast isn't really free

Free breakfast isn’t really free

“Free is good.” “There is no free lunch.” Seems the Pequot Lakes School Board will need to decide which of these age old adages is pertinent to the current free breakfast policy.

The experimental program to provide free breakfast to local students is not free in any sense of the word.

The idea that the school is receiving state funds to pay for the free breakfast program is nonsensical. Where do you think the state gets its money? It comes from you and me; and I, for one, don’t see the need to provide a free breakfast to any student, much less any and all.

Sure, studies show that people function better having eaten something in the morning, but that does not mean that government needs to provide this. If students can get a breakfast at school for free, why not take advantage?

But when does personal responsibility come into play? Is it my obligation to have a higher tax burden to provide students with something that should come from the home?

As a nation, we need to end the idea that government is going to take care of us from cradle to grave. Our elected officials in Washington care more about getting re-elected than they do about our spending problem. As our national debt escalates above $17 trillion, why not show the local student body that the only way to reduce this number is to start at the local level.

So that leaves the problem in our hands; thus, the Pequot Lakes School Board needs to make the right decision and help reduce our local and state taxes by not participating in the free food program.

Mike Eastwood,

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