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Pipeline and public health questions

A few questions on pipelines and public health, as public hearings continue on Sandpiper pipeline expansion into northern Minnesota:

If corporations are persons, as you and me, where is their social responsibility and moral accountability?

If corporations exist for profit, would not excessive profits ploughed back into meeting safety and environmental standards pay off for everyone?

In 50 years, what will our world be like? A few more mega-billionaires amid a society made up of people struggling to get by, and subjected to unfettered toxicity of air, water and land?

Pipeline leaks are inevitable. Track record so far for Enbridge: The National Wildlife Federation cites more than 800 oil spills between 1999 and 2010, and there are more. Apparently it is easier to ask forgiveness and pay fines than it is to build in adequate safeguards in the first place. Note that wind farms and solar panels do not generate waste dumps or toxic pollutants! No trains carrying nuclear waste out into the desert, nor massive water cleanups required!

How about a tax on pipeline operations to support funding for alternative clean energy?

How about requiring pipeline companies to develop proven anti-leak technology and a period of demonstration before new pipelines could be approved?

Radical ideas? Maybe. Doable? Maybe. What this requires is the will and courage of legislators and constituents, all citizens of the planet alike. At least let us ask the hard questions.

Mary DeYoung,

Pine River

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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