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ObamaCare analysis

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has just issued a report on the Obama Health Care program. In their analysis, 65 percent of small businesses will see a cost increase. In total, 96 percent of the people will see a premium increase. Where is the $2,500 cost savings President Obama promised before the bill was voted on? It’s just another of his many lies!

After all the cost and turmoil caused by ObamaCare, the 40 million uninsured people will be reduced to only 30 million. Many will not be able to keep their own doctor. That is another big Obama lie.

A 7-foot-high stack of regulation pages must be understood by thousands of judges, private lawyers, navigators, health workers and doctors. Most of this paper creates non-productive work efforts. Congress should replace a few lawyers with industrial engineers who could help to get work practices more efficient. If the president understood private industry he would automatically veto any bill over 20 pages. It would get some common sense in our laws.

Fewer pages of a bill makes it more difficult to hide pork and pure nonsense. It is time we started to make our government work better than a Laurel and Hardy comedy.

Zero Republicans voted for ObamaCare while virtually 100 percent of Democrats voted for the bill. How in the world can any responsible person vote for something they never read? If any of my managers approved a document they didn’t read the door would never hit their shirt tail on the way out.

We should run our government the same way! If our elected Democrats blindly follow the herd they should stop now and then to clean off their shoes!

Robert Olson,

Ideal Township

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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