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Flat earth society

According to John Kerry, head of the U.S. State Department, I must be a “flat earth” believer because I believe global warming is more hype than fact. I don’t think a Harvard lawyer has the smarts to analyze and regulate our environment.

Most of the ice cap is increasing, not decreasing. Furthermore, the existing ice is mostly on ocean water, actually floating. When the floating ice melts, it will increase the ocean levels essentially ZERO. The floating ice has already taken up its displacement.

If the reader doesn’t believe this, take a water glass and fill it about 3/4 full. Insert an ice cube in the glass and make sure it is floating. On the outside of the glass use a magic marker to mark the water level. After an hour or so, when the ice cube is completely melted, mark the water level again.

Guess what? If you accurately marked the water levels you will see there was no change. I think we learned this in eighth-grade science.

Since 1997 the earth warming has started to decrease, yet the carbon dioxide has continued to increase. Something else is causing the cyclic warming and cooling besides carbon dioxide. It seems we should understand this before we spew out “flat earth” accusations.

Maybe we will find the temperature changes are being caused by lawyers shoveling manure into the wind. That will also help cover up our diplomatic failings with Syria.

Should we go all nuclear power so we have no power plant carbon emissions?

Robert Olson,

Ideal Township

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