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Disappearing jobs

What was deleted from the Brainerd Dispatch’s column last week about the Trans-Pacific Partnership was the importance of the inner workings of this agreement. Last weekend’s article was sugar-coated to make you believe this agreement is good for jobs and the United States.

Read below:

How many people in Minnesota, or in the United States, have heard of “Trans-Pacific Partnership” (TPP)? Not many, I’m sure! This is another in a long list of Obama’s veiled and transparent secret agreements that the media, if known, doesn’t mention.

To date, 19 formal rounds of negotiations have taken place with Pacific countries, from March 1, 2010, to August 2013. They include Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

Obama’s desire is that it will include every nation on the Pacific Rim, including Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Mexico, Russia and China.

If this doesn’t infuriate you, hold on to your hat. Obama has agreed to submit the U.S. government to the Jurisdiction of Foreign Tribunals. TPP contains provisions that interfere with areas well beyond the bounds of trade.

As follows:

1. Limits how U.S. federal and state officials could regulate foreign firms operating within U.S. boundaries, with requirements to provide them with greater rights than domestic firms.

2. Extends incentives for U.S. firms to off-shore investments and jobs to lower-wage countries.

3. Establishes a two-tier legal system that gives foreign firms new rights to skirt U.S. courts and laws and directly sue the U.S. government before foreign tribunals.

4. Demand compensation for financial, health, environmental, land use and other laws they claim undermine their TPP agreement.

5. Allow foreign firms to demand compensation for the cost of complying with U.S. financial or environmental regulations that apply equally to domestic and foreign firms.

Today is the day to contact your congressional representative and say no to TPP.

Carol Roy,


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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