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A response to politics and religion

A response to

politics and religion

Mr. A. Martin of Merrifield stated in his recent letter that we should avoid speaking with others on religion and politics as both are often irrational and based on faith and fantasy. He continually writes letters specifically on those two subjects, and in each case he is totally irrational.

It appears that because he (in my opinion and that of most folks I talk to) is a socialist or something similar and also an atheist, he prefers to belittle everyone with an opinion different than his.

In his latest rant he said that a missionary on a God-inspired mission should have stayed out of a Muslim country and waited for like-minded folks to come to him. I ask then, how is someone to be like-minded if they have never heard the message?

God has instructed us to make disciples of ALL nations. This instruction does not say sit on your duff and let them come so they may learn.

He further states that it is condescending and insulting to push Christianity. He also states that it is dangerous. First of all, there is but one God. He is the God of Christianity, the Trinity. Christ told us that the only way to the Father is through Him.

Thus, those who are unbelievers will be judged by Him as such. Is it dangerous to be a missionary in a Muslim or similar country? It is absolutely as documented in Holy Scripture which we can see by the fate of each of Christ’s Apostles.

Finally, Mr. A. Martin of Merrifield, just maybe your message doesn’t have as much value as you assume!

George Selvestra,

Pequot Lakes

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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