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Hold congressmen accountable

Now that the budget compromise deal has passed we find that this deal cuts benefits for our military veterans. Of all of Minnesota’s members of Congress, only Michele Bachmann and Keith Ellison voted against the compromise.

Ellison did not like it because he wanted to raise taxes and not make federal employees pay for part of their health benefits while Bachmann wanted to hold the line on our increasing debt and do more about reducing the annual deficit.

So the remainder of our representation, including both senators, said it was OK to cut the benefits of those military veterans who have sacrificed to protect our country. Even Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who has a whole page saying how she supports our troops, evidently does not truly believe in that support as she voted for cutting benefits for our veterans.

Of course, none of these politicians considered reducing their own benefits to help reduce our debt. They just want other people to pay to reduce the debt.

They have voted for betrayal of our veterans and for political expediency over principle. Many in Congress have never served in the military and, therefore, have no idea of the sacrifices made. However, even veterans such as

Franken and Walz voted to betray our veterans.

I suspect they will fix the problem not because it is the right thing to do, but rather the politics will force them to.

So remember when this gets fixed and our congressional members issue their statements, keep this in mind: Either they voted for the original bill because they believed it the right thing to do or they voted out of ignorance because they had not read the bill.

Let’s hold them accountable and answer truthfully about their positions.

Dale Probasco,


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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