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Senators don't take stand on tough issues

Our senators have now pulled the nuclear trigger on how the Senate works. In doing so they have shown they are not interested in compromise, not interested in working across the aisle and not interested in the views of the minority. In fact, they now don’t even want to hear those views.

They have shown they are more dedicated to their party than to the citizens of Minnesota. For Miss Goody Two-Shoes, aka Sen. Amy Klobuchar, her cover is blown. She has exposed herself as a left wing ideologue who tries to cover her real identity by doing good things for some people in our state to keep a nice image. She has been one of the biggest supporters of the left wing socialist agenda.

She just does not have the moral courage to publicly take a stand on tough issues. In the background she has fully supported ramming a disastrous healthcare law down our throats; raising our national debt to more than $17 trillion; and now she has shown she will fully support the idea of silencing the opposition by destroying more than 200 years of Senate protocol.

On her website she talks about how important ethics are, yet she believes the silencing of the minority is ethical.

With the current rancor in Washington, does anyone really believe this will improve that and help people work together? Of course not.

If you oppose this brand of governing you need to let her know and vote against her and our comedic leftist Sen. Al Franken.

For those who support the action, remember the sayings, “payback is hell” and “what goes around comes around.”

Actions speak louder than words and their actions speak volumes about their hate and disdain for anyone who holds an opposing view.

Dale Probasco,


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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