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Supporting dirty oil?

In our lives, without a doubt, we need our snowmobiles. We need our wave runners, our four wheelers, and our big trucks for groceries. We need lights on everywhere to tell us what to buy all night long, we need wall-size television sets, our golf carts for exercise and our electric can openers. We need our oil and natural gas, by golly. We don’t need no frackin’ water. From the Curmudgeon Vignettes, read more at:

All of us inadvertently support fracking – driving anywhere, using “renewable energy” devices, doing industrial gardening with hydroponics or high tunnels, buying bananas at the grocery store, watching NASCAR. Our lifestyle is supported by a global infrastructure of fossil fuels and machines.

For fracking, oil sands and the northern pipeline supporters, I have this suggestion. Move your home next to a fracking well and put down your water well along side or better move your grandchildren there. Move your grandchildren by the oil sand works in Canada in the poisonous air, next to the polluted waters and environmental degradation. Let the pipeline filled with toxic fluid come along next to your home here in lovely Northern Minnesota.

We will do anything and everything to maintain our present personal level of energy use and the comfort it affords us. We will do anything and everything to the earth, to other people and even to ourselves to continue on this path. And if we don’t have the energy level we see others have, we will do anything and everything to the earth, to other people and even to ourselves to attain that level. The proof of this assertion is simple; we are doing it. From: The Curmudgeon Report

Each of these cited essays expands on the themes.

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