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Nolan and health care

In a recent email exchange with Congressman Nolan he has revealed his true intentions for health care. Along with radical Congressman Ellison they put forth HR 676 for socialized medicine.

The bill is a mere 30 pages and describes the following:

1. There is no requirement to be a citizen to get this free health care in America.

2. The presumption is that anyone who applies for free health care is eligible; no pre-checking allowed.

3. The only medical procedure not covered is cosmetic surgery, which means abortions will now be funded by the government.

4. No deductibles for this care; it is all free (except for taxes).

5. For-profit companies can’t participate.

6. Current for-profit companies will be paid money, our tax dollars, to entice them to become non-profit.

7. Insurance companies are prohibited from selling any health insurance except for things such as cosmetic surgery.

8. It allows the potential elimination of the Veterans Benefits program.

This is paid for by increased taxes:

1. More taxes on the top 5 percent of income earners.

2. Increased taxes on payroll and self-employment income.

3. Tax on unearned income.

4. Taxes on stock and bond transactions, which will eat into your retirement account.

This will be called “Expanded & Improved Medicare for All”. How nice. Perhaps we should give everyone a free house and car and $1 million to boot. They have bankrupted the current Medicare system and now want to cover up that mistake by doubling down and asking us to pay more to the government god.

If you believe in socialism you will love to keep Nolan in place. If you believe in America and our freedoms, you will get him out before it is too late. God save America because Nolan won’t.

Dale Probasco,


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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