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No substitute for support

Many people deserve thanks for all they did to help in my quest to continue teaching as a substitute in PR-B Schools. I would not have been included on the substitute teacher list without your support.

Friends, community members, business leaders, current and former school board members, current and former school staff, neighbors, parents, students and some people I did not even know came to my rescue. There are no words to let you know how important your support is to me. It renews and increases my belief that Pine River and Backus are great places to live and go to school.

I am also very grateful for my wife, Nancy Aimers. She put herself on the line and stood by me all the way.

I am overwhelmed and feel very lucky to live here. Hopefully people will keep up the quest to make our local schools the best.

You can have an effect. You have had an effect. Speak up. It isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

See you at school.

Lee Aimers,

Pine River and Backus