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Obama control

I am writing this article after my “cooling off” of emotions so I can better stick to the facts only!

Obamacare has nothing to do with making health care more affordable or better. His efforts are to set up a vast government bureaucracy to “control the people.” Lenin and the communists knew that once you control people’s access to health care and medical treatment, you control their lives.

The left here in America are well aware of this control method. As congressman, John Dingell, D-Mich., said why it would take until 2014 to set up the Obamacare system. He said, “It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative items that have to be taken to put together legislation to control the people. Now we see what Obama meant in 2008 that he was out to ‘fundamentally transform America.’”

Why has Obama sealed his college records? Why did it take so long for Obama to present his birth certificate? Don’t you think the U.S. citizens should be entitled to these records?

A few engineers and doctors could put together a much more effective health care plan in 20 pages or less and would cost billions less to incorporate. If I were one of a few drafted to write a new health care law in less than 20 pages I would show the Ivy League lawyers how it is done.

The present Obamacare law was made confusing and lengthy so American citizens couldn’t understand it until it is passed. That is what I call “creeping communism control.” As loyal American citizens, we need to get better informed and vote more informed!

We have fought wars to prevent the spread of communism here and now we see the seeds of communism — we have elected him!

Robert Olson,

Ideal Township

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