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Two dead at Walmart shooting in Grand Forks


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As a four-term Pine River School Board member in the ‘70s, I was proud of the relationship between the board, administration and the teaching staff at the school.


We communicated often with staff members and the people who elected us. There was a genuine level of trust between the board, administration, staff and parents.

At that time, the board would receive recommendations from the superintendent, but the final decisions were made by the school board.

I was on the board when we hired Lee Aimers. I know he was a highly respected teacher during his 34 years teaching at PR-B. I am concerned with the way this superintendent, with the board’s backing, has treated Lee. In my opinion, a quality teacher like Lee should not be kept from working with PR-B students.

I resigned in 1981 to take a supervisory job with DNR Enforcement in Ely. After I retired, my wife and I moved back to this area. Our children and grandchildren went to school at PR-B; our daughters both taught there, and I still care very much about the welfare of the school.

Arthur Gensmer,

Pine River